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Part 3: Using the Predator to Heal

by John Pateros

In the first two parts of this article, we explored the vital importance of holding the predator as something outside of self, “Not me.” Now we’re ready to explore two more options: 1) Use the fact of the nearly constant predation as a powerful way to assist in the healing work.  2) Change our identity, move our ‘I’ to the very, very large Being that can experience the predator as part of itself.

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First, a word of caution about moving too quickly from stalking the predator to using its predation as an aid in healing. As we’ve seen in the first two parts of this article, the predator is very wily and elusive. After some successful stalking and spotting, there’s a tendency to think, “Okay, I’ve got it now. I know how to bust the predator.” And that’s another predator trick.

Even after being ‘busted’ over and over, the predator will continue finding ways of fooling us into believing its thoughts and words are our own thoughts and words. Yet each time we ‘catch’ the predator doing its thing, it loses some of its power over us, and we become even better at stalking it and we gradually develop the necessary inner resources that will enable us to use it for healing—without becoming entangled with it.

The ability to use the predator effectively comes only after lots of practice with stalking it and understanding its myriad ways of deception. And by the way, if stalking the predator is all you do, life becomes much better very quickly! Not believing in the badness or wrongness of anything (as the predator would have it) clears the way to experience the underlying goodness that pervades you and me and all the Universe.

Two Types of Feelings & Triggers

Here’s a helpful distinction between two kinds of feelings that can get triggered in us. The first (and more common) is what Process Coaching calls ‘story-based’ feelings. These are the feelings and emotions that the predator’s words trigger in us.

They often show up as what psychology calls ‘secondary emotions.’ For example, the triggered primary feeling may be fear, but if the predator whispers, “I shouldn’t be afraid of this,” the focus of attention can quickly move to a feeling of guilt or shame. 

Story-based feelings are triggered by something the predator-mind is saying. For example, when going about doing something that’s new for me, I hear my mind’s voice saying something like, “I’m not very good at doing this.” Shame, fear or grief, and even anger can be triggered by this little story, but those feelings can only be felt because I’m believing the story the predator is telling. 

As soon as I realized that what I was just thinking is not true, that it was something the predator was saying—when I can ‘catch’ the predator and its story, the feelings the story triggered in me dissolve, disappear. In other words, for those feelings to be triggered, I must believe that it’s true—the story the predator has been telling.

Real Feelings & Healings

However, when real, raw, primary feelings get triggered, these feelings will often not dissolve or disappear by just dispelling the predation. We can use the predator to help us find these primary feelings. Coincidentally, this happened to me yesterday.

I had just completed a project that I was very happy with, but someone else immediately took ‘credit’ for it. The predator was all over me about this, telling me all sorts of BS about the other person, the situation and me. It was saying this like, "That (expletive), he cut right in front of me," "Call him up right now and let him know how hurt you feel," "Last time I'll trust him with anything," etc., etc. Fortunately, I was up to the task of busting the predator and its BS, and although it took me a while longer than most predator encounters, everything eventually settled down, as it usually does when I catch the predator trying to deceive me.

However, this morning I woke up to the predator back on my case with renewed vigor about the incident of yesterday. I did some more stalking and catching, but it became clear there was something much deeper going on in me than just the story and the story-based feelings about the incident.

So I used the opportunity of the predation (and the frustration about my ineffectiveness at dispelling it) to get the predator to help me find the part of me that was still triggered by all of this. Feeling more deeply into it, it seemed like a familiar imprint that I’d worked with before—but I realized this time I was in the imprint at a much deeper layer than I’d reached when I came here before with healing intent.

To ‘use’ the predator, I listened closely to what it was saying and suspended disbelief in its story. This helped intensify the energy of the triggered feelings—which I followed back to a similar incident 20 years ago. I then ‘leap-frogged’ from there back to the four-year-old child I once was who was also feeling the same energy, and from my four-year old’s experience, I got to the deep transpersonal imprint where this all began.

Working in the ‘universal unconscious’ I had an insight into how to bring some healing to this deep layer of pain and suffering that I’d just discovered in myself. And then, to bring love and healing to the ancient wound, I took myself on a Regression to the Transpersonal Realm.


It’s now the next day. Twenty-four hours ago, as I was writing the paragraphs above, I found myself essentially narrating my process. As I'd started writing, I  began to actually go through the process, so I took a break from writing then, and dove more fully inside of myself to do the healing work. I’m now happy to report that the transpersonal regression went very well—and I even discovered a new and important nuance in the deep transpersonal healing of this imprint. (I’ll share the details later in another blog post.)

The spooky serendipity of all this is not lost on me. Just as I was beginning to write this third part of the article, Using the Predator to Heal, I experienced a predator attack which turned into a healing experience where I used the predator to help me find a very deep, very lost part of myself. And now I’m even able to share this with you. Thank you, Universe!

And wow, this is also an example of the ‘goodness’ I was referring to earlier that becomes revealed in the absence of the predator-mind. And for me, this episode also corroborates the Healer’s Faith, “The Universe is good and operating correctly at all times.” In other words, no matter what the predator says, everything is okay and happening just as it’s supposed to!

Using the Predator to Heal

The above little narrative is an example of the first option for healing mentioned in the beginning of this part of the article. Here are the general steps I’ve found useful for using the fact of predation to bring healing to parts of myself:

  1. Stalk the predator and catch it—either in the act, or soon after the predation.
  2. Disidentify with the predator, see that it is “Not me.”
  3. Anchor inner resources by remembering a time in the past where you were successful at busting the predator and you experienced relief and freedom from the predator’s negativity. Fully feel again now the feelings of your prior success at realizing that the predator is not a part of you.
  4. Listen (or re-listen) closely to what the predator has been saying and suspend disbelief. In other words, imagine for a moment that what the predator has been saying is true.
  5. As the Healer of yourself, find the feeling that is triggered by what the predator has been saying, and locate the energy of the feeling in your body or chakra system.
  6. Find love for the feeling and its energy by doing either the Process Coaching practice of Loving Life Force Energy or Regression. (Although I chose regression in the account above, LLFE is generally easier to do on your own—and yields amazingly quick healing results.)
  7. Thank the Universe for the predator attack that enabled you to bring healing to a part of yourself—that without the attack—you couldn’t have known was there.

In my case, the newly liberated part of me has become an ally in predator-stalking and in healing in general. It’s a part of my heart, and now with it out of denial and in the light of my love and awareness—I have this much more capacity to give and receive love. Yay healing!

The Second Option – Change Your Identity

You'll probably want to hold off on trying this option if you haven’t already found your essential Self, your Being-level identity. Meditation has been a time-proven way of (at least temporarily) getting out of mind and into the larger identity of one’s whole Being. Various natural, indigenous (and newer synthetic) medicines have been used in this way as well.

A more recently discovered (and quicker) approach to finding your larger identity out of mind—is simply to feel. Feeling real, raw feelings as mentioned above and doing a healing practice like a regression or the Loving Life Force Energy practice fosters an integration which brings us that much closer to our truest identity—the One, Whole Being.

Feeling deeply into the integration without words or thoughts can lead us ever deeper into the core of our Being, to our divine Will within. It is here that we can experience ourselves as a much larger identity than we’ve ever imagined we could be. This is where we can find the truth of our very greatest Self.

In duality, there is more than one. However, each ‘more than one’ is a fragment of the one, a fragment of the whole that exists beyond duality. The first duality is between me and everything else. This is the place where the Universe and ‘I’ relate, just the two of us. And alas, even in this very rarified state, the predator can access me.

When I try to step back to an even deeper observer position to see the predator as part of the Universe, I’m still in the sphere of the predator. The movement here is to leave duality altogether and become fully identified as the One, Whole Being that includes everything, even the predator. Now I can finally own the predator as part of ‘me.’

It’s an understatement that this meta-identity has been beyond human comprehension. Although the mind cannot grasp this, our deepest feeling selves can very easily relate—and even hold it all.

I don’t know about you, but for me it feels quite ironic that to experience the final truth, the most real reality of Oneness—it’s necessary to first abandon it—until I can find all of my previously denied self and muster the inner resources necessary to hold it all, to own it completely.

I just said I don’t know about you—but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I’d love to know how this predator lore is sitting in you and if you’ve been working with it. Anything you care to add to the conversation is most welcome. You can post comments or questions in the comments section below.