Learning to Feel

Connecting with the Unseen Energies in Everything

Whether it’s connecting with lost parts of ourselves on the inside or with friends, family and others on the outside, learning to feel the energies involved informs and empowers us find deeper and more meaningful layers of experience.

Awareness of the hidden ‘subtle’ energies in people and situations brings us new insights—and powers. Mystics, 'seers' and psychics have developed the skill of sensing new information by feeling into the 'subtle' energy available in the present moment.

Insights about what others are feeling come easily and naturally, and the power to change ourselves and our situation increases dramatically when we're feeling the energies we're engaging, rather than trying to 'think it through' or 'figure it out.'

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Find the feeling sense in every experience.
  • Bring love and acceptance to all your feelings.
  • Undo the conditioning that's been preventing us from deeply feeling.
  • Balance, center and enliven your life force energy.
  • 'Read' others by feeling their energies.
  • Deepen and energize your ability to manifest what you desire.
  • Enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of having and loving all of your feelings.

This course is complete in itself. It can also be the first step with full credit toward completing the Practitioner Course. And you can even go on to become a certified Process Coach. 

or call (707) 234-5035 to ask any questions you may have or to register by telephone.

$495 for the complete course

Included is the Process Coaching Practitioner ManualHealer's Practices Recordings,
four half-hour telephone tutorials, one ninety-minute coaching session, and telephone check-ins.