Ignite Your Intuition

Learn the powerful psychic tools of Process Coaching

“Your intuition won't fail you; the quest dear, is to silence your mind so you can feel your way home.” -Nikki Rowe

This is a crash course in psychic awareness. The practices and perspectives of Process Coaching offer a unique approach for easily accessing intuitive and clairsentient (clear feeling) awareness and insights.

Contrary to popular belief, powerful psychic skills are not just for a few ‘gifted’ people. It’s your birthright.

Learn how great seers and mystics read other people, channel the wisdom of their spirit guides, tap into past life and in-between lives material, and connect with the collective memories in Akashic Records.

You’ll be surprised at how easy, fun and natural it is to tune into your own true spiritual empowerment and feel your way home to the One you truly are.

Clairsentience is an important, fundamental psychic skill that opens an exciting portal to a vast universe of previously unconscious realizations.

In this course you will:

  • Feel the love from your guides and channel their wisdom.
  • Clear your chakras of unwanted energy cords & free up your intuition.
  • Gain intuitive insights into others by reading their energy.
  • Dispel conditioning & degrading self-talk that has blocked intuitive insight.
  • Do your own Past Life and In-between Lives Regressions.
  • Channel the love and guidance of the Creators.
  • Tap into the energy of others and kindle compassion.
  • Be your own shaman and retrieve past life memories.
  • Clear karmic impediments & fire-up your intuition. 

    "Working with Linda on the Ignite your Intuition class has literally changed my life. I am beginning to rediscover who I am at a core level and feel so much more at peace. Each lesson and practice opens more doors, windows, and paths backwards and forwards with you at the center. Amazing process, enjoying the flow."
    ~Jennifer L., Sacramento, CA, April 24, 2017

This course is complete in itself. It can also be the first step with full credit toward completing the Practitioner Course. And you can even go on to become a certified Process Coach.

or call (707) 234-5035 to ask any questions you may have or to register by telephone.

$495 for the complete course

Included is the Process Coaching Practitioner ManualHealer's Practices Recordings,
four half-hour telephone tutorials, one ninety-minute coaching session, and telephone check-ins.