Free Falling Through Fear to Freedom

Let go of fear and live a life of freedom!

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." -Joseph Campbell

Fear is the four letter word everyone's been avoiding, yet our fears hold a subtle energy that is magically transformative and liberating, when we learn to do something radically different. The transformational key to this radical difference is to connect with what Eckhart Tolle calls "inner body presence," the subtle energy underneath the compulsive and scary ideas, thoughts, and stories.

By connecting with and dropping into this layer of sweet subtle energy, we can finally have the direct experience of the inner peace we’ve longed for... "The peace that surpasses all understanding." Further, we can experience this peace anytime we want.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Quickly drop out of mind and its scary thoughts.
  • Relax in the sweet sentient energy under worry & fear.
  • Dispel negative self-judgments and other old conditioning.
  • Easily be present & end trying to cope with issues in the future.
  • Use old fears as portals to manifesting what you most deeply desire.
  • Heal the original wounds of fear and terror that have haunted your life. 

Join with those of us who have ended our dependence on coping strategies like psych meds and other substances—which have unfortunately preventing true healing and enduring peace of mind. As you embark on this transformative free falling journey into the safe subtle energy of your inner body, you'll finally begin to feel relief from the incapacitating thoughts and scary stories of the future that have been at the root of all anxiety. The powerful tools and frames of Process Coaching make it easy. You may be surprised and relieved to begin waking up in the mornings with the joy and happiness that is your birthright. 

This course is complete in itself. It can also be the first step with full credit toward completing the Practitioner Course. And you can even go on to become a certified Process Coach.


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$495 for the complete course

Included is the Process Coaching Practitioner ManualHealer's Practices Recordings,
four half-hour telephone tutorials, one ninety-minute coaching session, and telephone check-ins.