Exploring Sentience Practice

Inspired by the Loving Life Force Energy practice from Process Coaching, this basic practice of Exploring Sentience enables you as the Explorer to bring your concern, interest and loving attention to your sentient parts asking for attention.

1. Feel a sensation in your body you wish to explore. The sensation could be physical, an ache or pain works well. Or you can feel the sensations in your body that are associated with an emotional feeling that has been triggered lately. As you think of the event that triggered the feeling, ask yourself, “Where in my body do I feel this?”

2. Once you’ve found the energy in Body, ask yourself, “Is this energy more tight or loose?” “Warm or cool?” “Hard or soft?” “Sharp or dull?” “Is it still or moving?” And if it’s moving, ask yourself, “Is its movement slow, medium, or fast?”

3. Next, breathe some space in and around the energy, giving it more room to be. And then give it even more space, as much space as the energy wants.

4. Notice what happens as you give the energy and its sensations space. Welcome the sensations of the energy as if you are the innkeeper and this energy is one of your most honored guests.

5. Feel into the energy until you find where it is vibrating, and ask yourself, “Is the vibrating relatively slow, medium or fast?”

6. Now hum the vibration of the energy you are feeling. (Use your voice to make a low, medium, or high-frequency sound that matches the energy.)

7. If the tone is unsteady or the energy feels even slightly uncomfortable, there’s likely a judgment or some deep denial energy in it. If so, do a Judgment Release or Deep Denial Release.

8. Enjoy the energy as if you're with a friend. If this is not easy, find something about the energy that you like, and begin by being friendly toward that.

9. Notice any new information bubbling up into consciousness as you explore and befriend your sentient energy.

10. Help your newly discovered and liberated energy spread throughout your body by circulating it in the Microcosmic Orbit.