The Explorer

The identity the Healer eventually evolves into that of the Explorer. This unique part of our Being embodies loving Spirit with curiosity, courage and a sense of adventure. The Explorer stands outside of the very strong conditioning to shy away from feelings and energies that have not felt immediately pleasant. The new frontier we’ll be exploring is the nearly unknown territory of our deeply feeling, sentient self. Like the Healer, the Explorer represents loving consciousness and is the most grown-up and evolved part of Self. The Explorer knows that sentience is the last frontier of inner exploration. Once the healing work is underway and wholeness is happening, it’s the Explorer who embodies that wholeness and is ready to explore it more deeply. So, the Explorer’s agenda is no longer inner wholeness, but rather the journey of exploration itself. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Exploring often generates altered states of awareness. Some of these may include seeing more vivid colors, hearing with a new clarity, and feeling the richness or fullness of life. We may occasionally have some momentary disorientation when we experience Will movement and the shifts in inner identity that often follow. As you become aware that you are not just your personal self, but your whole Being self, everything begins to change. When exploring sentience, out-of-mind experiences and ego-free states of Being are common.

The Explorer’s Agreements:
• Being my own authority is essential to exploring.
• There is nothing off limits for my exploration.
• If resistance comes up, it becomes the new subject of exploration (a good place to start an exploration).
• As an Explorer, learning is more important than ego protection.
• I use feedback I get from inside of myself or from others as useful information to assist in my exploration.
• Generative collaboration is the way I work with my exploring team.

The Explorer’s Skills:
• Being a good learner.
• Being able to move consciously among Perceptual Positions and representational systems.
• Being really good at Second position allows you to co-explore more easily with your team.
• Ability to feel energy and use the chakra system for exploration.
• Ability to connect at will with intuition and the Folks for guidance and support in the exploration.
• Flexibility to move between layers of process helps loosen the ego structure and makes the exploration richer.
• Flexible identity to move between different parts of self.
• Being your own authority is an essential skill since the exploration centers on your own inner landscape.

Qualities of the Explorer’s Character:
Curious, Adventurous, Courageous, Friendly, Open, Undefended, Gentle, Kind, Considerate, Caring, Helpful, Trustworthy, Honest, Understanding, Loving to learn, Loving to feel Humble, Respectful, Empathetic, Intuitive, Patient, Positive, Balanced, Generous, Persistent, Preservers.

Evolving The Explorer’s Resources:
• Sentient Awareness • Loving Consciousness • Courage • Radical Self-Reliance • Desire to go beyond conditioning; push the envelope/get outside of the box • Desire to take responsibility for everything I experience.

The Explorer’s Truth:
My explorations are always right and correct, and whatever I find is perfect for my exploration. There are no wrong turns or wrong directions—whichever way I go is right for the exploration at hand.

The Explorer’s Safety Gear:
The Explorer, like the Healer, trusts the Universe to be her safety net. The explorer knows it’s safe to explore because she has faith that the Universe is good and operating correctly at all times. The Explorer turns failures, blocks, adversities and problems (negative stories in the mind) into opportunities to explore the energy that’s been associated with the story. The Explorer is able to turn even the most challenging experiences into growth opportunities; the Explorer knows that every experience offers rich opportunities to explore the sentient underpinnings of life’s issues and to discover and integrate parts of self that have previously been out of consciousness, always moving in the direction of wholeness.