Exploring Sentience

Discover the Hidden Territory of Your Deepest Self

Submerged deep inside of us is a vast unexplored territory that has long been awaiting our attention. However, activation of ancient conditioning, repeated reinforced down through the millennia, has been preventing us from going there. This automatic programing, powered by the deep, unnoticed fear of being stuck in hell has been screaming, “Don’t go there!”

And now, instead of obeying this fear—we are going there!

As it turns out, we now know this very convincing and deeply-felt warning has been hugely overstated. Yes, there has been great fear and loathing and sorrow deep in the unconscious feeling realms we call ‘sentience.’ But now we have new tools and inner resources powerful enough to undo the conditioning and safely explore the inner world of deeply sentient energy.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Explore your hidden potential beyond healing and wholeness.
  • Break the conditioning in the conscious mind that has avoided feeling ‘bad’ feelings.
  • Find new resources of strength, courage, and love to power your self-explorations.
  • Discover and own your previously unknown ‘shadow’ energies.
  • Strengthen and energize your Will to manifest what you desire.
  • Easily read the Akashic Records and other inner sources of sentient information.
  • Master the art of feeling and reading sentient information.
  • Dispel the mental conditioning that’s prevented us from fully living.
  • Discover and embody your very deepest identity.
  • Safely explore the darkest, most forbidden energies in Manifestation.
  • Bring into love the hidden positive powers in demonic energy.
  • Learn to guide yourself and others through the deepest layers of Being.
  • Enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of having and loving all of your feelings.

This is an advanced Feelingway Course for those who are already Process Coaching practitioners. If you're not already a PC practitioner, begin with Learning to Feelthe foundation course for Exploring Sentience.

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