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Presence and Healing Practices for Parents...

Parenting has been fraught with guilt and pressure to do it "right." This course is for parents with children of any age who want to enter a friendlier, more exploratory world of discovery with parenting. Shift your parenting experience from overwhelming to resourceful, present and deeply joyful!


        ❤ Break free from old conditioned parenting patterns. 
        ❤ Gain the resources to parent from loving acceptance. 
        ❤ Heal your own childhood traumas so you don’t pass them on.
        ❤ Connect with your intuition—the support you’ve been longing for. 
        ❤ Find light in the darkness of parenting children in these times.
        ❤ Wake up as the empowered, loving parent you've wanted to be.


This course is complete in itself. It can also be the first step with full credit toward completing the Practitioner Course. And you can even go on to become a certified Process Coach.

or call (707) 234-5035 to ask any questions you may have or to register by telephone.

$495 for the complete course

Included is the Process Coaching Practitioner ManualHealer's Practices Recordings,
four half-hour telephone tutorials, one ninety-minute coaching session, and telephone check-ins.