About Us

We are certified Process Coaching coaches, teachers and trainers, working and playing together on a journey towards being all of who we truly are.

At this critical time on the planet we are being called to align with our true essence, to manifest our deepest dreams for a more loving and meaningful life. By dropping into our authentic feeling self, we are able to take responsibility for our own healing and journey towards wholeness. As we balance and evolve our inner masculine and feminine energies, reclaiming our lost shadow parts and suppressed feeling energy, we awaken our powerful manifesting life force.

It is our great pleasure to share this work and play with you. Together we can make a difference, transforming reality from the inside out.


Beverly Lawrence


Beverly Lawrence practices as a Process Coach, clairvoyant healer, and essential oil practitioner. She is a minister and graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, a credentialed public school teacher, and a Waldorf teacher graduate of the Rudolf Steiner College. Her background also includes nutritional coaching, hands-on healing, intuitive readings and hypnosis.


 Kathleen MacGregor

With more than 15 years experience coaching and facilitating workshops, Kathleen MacGregor is passionate about helping people work through their blocks and create the shifts and openings they want to see in their lives. In her work with activists, parents and teens, Kathleen has seen burn-out, despair and apathy transform into expansive love and willful action within one session. Read about her Feelingway course, Inside-Out Activism.


Linda Charles


Linda Charles, CGA is certified as a Process Coaching Teacher and Trainer. She's also a working psychic, clairsentient tarot card reader and certified handwriting analyst, and her background includes hands-on healing and past life regression. Linda offers individual Process Coaching sessions and psychic readings in Sacramento, CA. "My passion is facilitating others to connect with their own loving guidance and tap into their intuitive gifts.”


Other Staff

Adam Bulbulia


Adam Bulbulia is a gifted practitioner and teacher of the tools of Process Coaching. His desire is to help guide each client and student toward the quickest and most effective way of becoming wholly themselves.


Betty Idarius 


Hannah (Betty) Idarius is the director of Process Coaching Center and a certified Process Coach, teacher and trainer. Her background includes over 30 years as a homebirth midwife and classical homeopath. She also has extensive training in NLP, family constellations, and mind-body healing. 


Pam Bolton


Pam Bolton, MA in Transformative Arts, is the Trainings Director for Process Coaching Center, a certified Process Coach, teacher and trainer. Pam brings with her three decades of focused experience in the healing arts, a lifelong love of nature and a deep connection with the earth.