Free Yourself from Guilt, Shame & Blame!Free Yourself from Guilt, Shame & Blame!

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The Empowered Woman

Awaken the magic that lies within you

As women we are being called to awaken to our true power, the power of the universal feminine. It’s time to go beyond the old paradigm of power over and evolve into who we truly are. Our gifts as women are needed in the world now more than ever.

Together we can empower each other and move forward in our lives making a difference in the lives of those around us. Are you feeling called to be more of yourself and be a positive force in the world? If so, this course is for you.

The Empowered Woman:

  • Feels self-love and self-respect—without comparison to others.
  • Is freeing herself from the patriarchal conditioning.
  • Feels her right to express herself fully—does not hold back.
  • Is evolving the loving Masculine inside of herself.
  • Is willing to let her wounds be known, felt and loved.
  • Knows that both the victim and perpetrator are inside of her.
  • Moves easily from guilt & shame to acceptance & empowerment.
  • Knows what gives her pleasure, she is living from Desire.
  • Is comfortable with herself and embodies her sexual energy.
  • Is a powerful force of healing and inspiration for herself and others.


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